Writer’s Reflections, June 11, 2014

Reaching a goal is oh-so difficult, exhausting and just plain frustrating. I know, I know! Many would have me believe it’s invigoration, anticipation and sheer joy all the time. And if that’s not the case, there must certainly be something fundamentally wrong–with ME! The goal is so worth it, I’m told! I could recite all the phrases that should propel me onward! Sometimes they do; many times they don’t.

No! A more honest depiction of the road toward a desired and is this: work–and lots of it, sweat, commitment, heavy lifting, self-doubt, fear, aloneness, perseverance… there are steep mountains and the air is often flimsily thin.



I guess to take just one more breath, take one more step. There are innumerable distractions–small side-trips I’d so love to take. At times, their lure nearly gets me off track.

Thankfully, these intense times are interspersed with moments of laughter, games, people-connections, silence and rejuvenation, cups of coffee and glasses of wine. But, if the down-times predominate, the goal–any goal–becomes unattainable.

The journey is excruciating and hauntingly lonely at times. I wish I did not fear these times–but I often do. I’m forced to learn things about myself, others, God, and about life and human nature that I’d sometimes rather not learn. Yet, ultimately, getting there is still more important to me then missing out because of the fear of encountering something bigger than myself.

So, you with me? Are you going somewhere? Doing something? Becoming someone? Yes, we are! We can do this!


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