Sacred Trust


The more I write, the more I learn.
The more I learn, the more I change.
The more I change, the more I hear.
The more I hear, the more I write.

Let me break that down a bit:

I thought I had a clear idea of what this blog would be when I started it. I basically wanted a home for my writing. I wanted to share it with whoever was interested. And–hopefully–to receive feedback from a few readers. That was it!

I don’t know what I was thinking! This very new home already needs renovation, because its occupant is changing. And in that process, I’m changing. Radically!

When I began writing Short Stories, (which evolved into Flash Fiction), I knew they would be stories of women and girls–partially because I have been a girl, and because I am a woman; also because I’ve been entrusted with the stories of so many girls and women.

I also had a vague notion of what kinds of themes and emphases I wanted to include: my stories, others’ stories–carefully concealed to ensure confidentiality, and fictional stories. Some carefree. Some thoughtful. Some hard-hitting. A compelation of loud, quiet, funny, hopeful and sobering stories.

But what’s happened has been quite different.

Even since I’ve begun writing, I have heard additional stories, while discovering new stories in my life as well. These stories now drive my writing!

What I didn’t know was that every story I would write (even my own!), would teach me. By allowing each story to envelop me, the story begins to live. And because of this, I am beginning to view myself, girls and other women differently. I weep. I smile. I stand back in amazement, as if gazing at an intricate painting in an art gallery.

It’s astounding. It’s eye-opening. And it’s still in process.

Life Matters is being renovated into a place of Sacred Trust.

  • I share my stories
  • I honor stories of those who cannot tell theirs
  • I listen to new stories
  • All are handled with extreme care. All are valuable–important–sacred.

 – Julia

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