O Train


Be gracious to me, O Train, be gracious
for atop your back our humanity quivers
on the surface of your gleam we will endure
till the abundance of your belly extends its welcome.

To shimmering steel,
to source and prod upon the wheel
to potency and plenty heralding
another mile, another bridge
lulling to a distant ridge,
we gaze.

Surely tomorrow will be sweet
we cry.

Be generous to me, O Train, be generous
for on your golden prospect dreams ignite
upon vast promises our hope unfurls
till slippery subsistence gives way to lavish luxury.

To opulent carriage,
to revered, unwavering vantage
with nary word to disparage
the refrain of more, higher, better
transporting to an unseen plain,
we bow.

Tomorrow’s guarantee is glorious
we gasp.

Be not treacherous, O Train, be not treacherous
for with your cunning oratory souls are hurled
excluded amidst resistant waves of discontent
till salty misery folds subsumed by gross indignity.

From sinister conveyance
with resolute, recurrent mantra
feigning buoyancy with mocking fluency
subtle subservience clothed in ornate deception,
we turn.

O tomorrow–spawn dread depth
deception demand
we plead.

Be merciful to me, O Train, be merciful
for encircled with menacing gloom travelers are cast
into perilous tombs drenched in deadening platitudes
till dizzying attitudes suffocate dormant beatitudes.

Against glistening grantor,
counter to measured, ponderous executor
of deemed justice and equity
exacting treasure, brawn, allegiance
meting out random dismissal of life,
we rise up.

Tomorrow–you may not tarry
indeed cannot dally
no delay,
we beseech.

Be not sluggish, O My Train, be not sluggish
lest intoxicating fields of lavender lure,
bedazzling mounds of emerald entice
into crippling resignation of oblivion
avoiding all final indignity.


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