Behind Each Face–Book Release

image RELEASED – June 2015

It’s been gratifying to hear responses of readers who have found the stories in Behind Each Face to resonate. Thank you for your kind words. 

Again, I honor the girls and women who inspired these 25 Flash Fiction stories. 

– Julia Penner-Zook


31 thoughts on “Behind Each Face–Book Release

  1. Dear, sweet Julia, congratulations on your book!! It is certainly no small feat to write, rewrite, edit, and publish a work, and you have done so. I’m so proud and excited for you. I am going to purchase a copy right away, can’t wait to read your words 🙂

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    1. Elle, this warmed my heart the minute I read it! I now have a moment to acknowledge your congratulatory and very kind words. It put such a huge smile on my face! Your words are especially moving as I consider you a gifted and invaluable voice for this time and place.
      The project was a huge undertaking, but one that is so worth it now that it’s complete.
      We move forward! Thank you again!! 😊

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    1. Wow, thanks, Laine! That means we will “visit” a little each evening via the book. I look forward to doing the same with your book, once released. And now — who knows!? Possibly that will also allow me the opportunity to enjoy your watercolor as well. 😊

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    1. Your comment gave me much joy, AdiC! You’re right: there is a lot of work in these pages, but so worth it. Allowing stories to surface and see the light is important to me. Thanks for taking time to write. Have a lovely day.

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