sparks in sky of coal
celebratory, I’m told
nation’s holiday.

should high revelry
get suddenly out of hand
into inferno?

torture unbidden
sulfurous plumes ascending
hallowed sphere engulfed.

recurring, mere weeks
horrific terror ignites
darkest depths within.

life moves unhindered
blathering, driveling drone
those beleaguered mute.

sanctimonious tirade
squelches gasps, ignores, ever
couched in righteousness.

how many? how long?
we have blood on our hands as
we refuse to see.

silent no longer!
justice like water roll down
before cremation.


4 thoughts on “Cremation

      1. I certainly do share your sentiments. I find it positively amazing that so many people are willing and able to bury their heads in the sand….ignoring all the chaos that is occurring in our world. Again, thank you. Janet.

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