What If She Knew?


Does she realize
That hearts beat in unison–
Together, blended, strong and bold–
Since her birth?

Wonder what she’d think
If she knew that she
Plays lead roles in dramas
Of my dreams.

How could she know that
When I see another of her age
Frame, skin tone, eye color
She’s with me?

Does she understand
That my distance is merely
Compliance with demands
Of years ago?

Can I relay that
Regardless of time elapsed,
Hurts, hopes, fears, guilt–
She’s welcome?

Seasons pass predictably
Hair turns gray, lines etch faces
Age offers insight and
I believe

Love will win.

 © Julia Penner-Zook, 2015


8 thoughts on “What If She Knew?

  1. Yes, indeed, a powerful piece, Julia. Also, I must apologise. Somehow I think I zapped your comment on Lincoln. It was quite unintentional. I was going to say that Lincoln is well worth a visit, and that the Tudor merchant’s house actually has some rather wonderful accommodation above the Tourist Information Centre. It would be an amazing place to stay – between the castle and cathedral – if ever you are in the UK that is 🙂

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  2. Quickly shifting images, couched in words such as, together, blended, strong, bold, frame, skin tone, eye colour, hurts, hopes, fears and guilt, sliding forward like slickly edited scenes of a movie, compressing life’s dawn-to-dusk journey in one powerful sweep, to leave a lasting impression, retaining the sparkle of love’s hope, as the luminous rays of setting sun. Need I say more, Julia?…best wishes.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to savor and write such insightful words. Dawn-to-dusk journey! And yet––holding on to that sparkle of love’s hope with ferver and tenacity.
      Have a wonderful day, Raj––however much of it is left for you.

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