Enfolding Shadow


How many luminaries
discard oil
brush and canvas
darkened by a
clouded perception
of mediocrity?

How many shimmering
galaxies tremble
behind curtains
shielding them
from hideous
acclaim or
wolfish dissection?

How many sages’
voices muted
pens halted in desperation
sensitive spirits
imprisoned in anguish
too veiled for intelligible

How many strings
no longer vibrate
clear resonating tone
by the demand for
unattainable, unsustainable

fragile soul,
wrapped within
layers of itself,
folded into
shapes of grace
shadowed mystery–

© Julia Penner-Zook, 2015


2 thoughts on “Enfolding Shadow

  1. It’s too easy to be pulled away from the type of expression you love because of lack of confidence or because what you create doesn’t fulfil the ‘perfection’ in your mind. In writing, I’ve become confident almost by sheer will – by doing it and dealing with the doubt. In art, I still struggle with things not coming out on paper / canvas in the way I envisage them, but I deal with that by doing art for enjoyment and not for any other reason 🙂

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    1. You describe it perfectly.
      I’m often perplexed and saddened as I become aware of the weight that some brilliant artists are pinned under––be that internally or externally generated. The perseverance required simply to carry on is enormous. I hope to find new ways to acknowledge that reality, honor it, yet adhere to the deep conviction of engaging the art for enjoyment, as you express.
      I also find that artists of all kinds perceive/ feel/ process “the world” in ways that are not easily articulated nor understood. This can be a heavy burden to carry.
      Thank you for sharing your wisdom and light. Always appreciated.

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