In Time


the sea lies still – light –
glassy surface glistening
with shimmering glow.

nothing threatens peace,
tranquility reflected
in iridescence.

holding breath, how long
can smooth passage carry on
before storm darkens?

at dawn skies foretell
patterns anticipated
while travelers sail.

skies grow dark, winds rise
buffeting small vessel, now
scant sanctuary.

fear lurks behind stout
edifices built to shield
the soul from harsh loss.

waves surge, refusing
to be coaxed or eased into
humane submission.

brief reprieve granted
by howling wind, tossing sea,
only to regroup.

battering torrent
depletes remaining supply
of strength, confidence.

joy seeps from gaping
wound caused at open sea, now
choking, now gasping.

no! heaving wave wields
not final gavel in these
voyagers’ journey.

all forces summoned,
courage must reignite hope,
strength fuel persistence.

with rhythmic cycle
sea voyage bestows peace and
turbulence alike.

reasons withheld, no
absolute truth, no one-size-
fits-all, like cheap shoes

plodding ahead on
craft’s glistening deck, gazing
toward eastern sky.

what might morning bring?
fury stilled, sweet rest restored,
calm, waiting, slipping.

voices mute, hallowed
moments in reverent hush,
touching transcendence.

two other shadows
glide into luminous space,
serenity breathes.

tuned to resonance,
too ethereal to grasp,
moments suspended.

one breath, another –
then not one more, spirit
soaring, escaping

perilous confines
of flesh and bone, light and dark,
pain and sorrow past.

time does not exist
as winds rise, pounding the craft
that has carried them.

countless times, nearly
suffocating, drowning with
grip loosed from the wheel

bruised vessel hurtled
without navigation – not
even an attempt.

how long? what for? can
no one tell when this will end?
when cruel loss bows?

with rhythmic cycle
sea voyage bestows peace and
turbulence alike.

in time.

 © Julia Penner-Zook, 2015


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