Observing Optimal


Heat of day
scorching flame
noiseless, suffocating, disorienting
leaching life’s vigor
midsummer race.

Sultry afternoon
stifling, inebriating
depleting, bleeding, extinguishing
sluggish quest.

Evening glow
embracing molten
brilliant, stirring, reigniting
vibrant passage.

Night as still as
frozen breath of
glistening, sparkling, chilling
inspiring courage, vigor, resiliency
last eve’s run.

Each human activity can be seen as a metaphor for life itself. Running becomes that for me, as I self-monitor – listening to my body and mind as I run. When am I at my best? Best does not necessarily equal speed, but rather an all round blend of tenacity, vibrancy, consistency and wellbeing.

I’ve come to realize that, though I love heat, I run more efficiently in cooler temperatures. Which begs the question:

do we function more optimally when the cold, night air of life threatens to squeeze the breath out of us, or when the radiance of the metaphoric glowing molten globe shines endlessly on life’s path?

© Julia Penner-Zook, 2015
photo credit: churchillwild.com


15 thoughts on “Observing Optimal

      1. 🌴 😊👏🏻 Welcome to FL! There one certainly has sunny skies, beautiful palm trees––oh yes, air conditioning. AND “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” in shopping malls where everyone is in sundresses or shorts!! I love it, too!

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