for us all

tall she stands
head turned to
look o’er left shoulder
gaze tender, longing, wise

with knowing,
more depth than
she should posses,
at the very beginning

of life which heeds not
familial sanctum nor
assumed blessing –
it simply is.

quick her eye,
surveying each face
she does not know,
shrinking movement

undetected, were it not
for one set of eyes –
known and trusted
watching, weeping, waiting

as diabolical division
beats dismal course
towards what? for what?
and to what end?

clear her voice,
velvet edged,
causing mortals
to murmur in

reverent quietude
as grace etched
notes tremble on
divine silk

sacred whisper
selflessly salving
derisive, deceptive, damnable
diatribes from behind stone door.

strong her heart
beating with compassion
felt for all
who similarly exist

at behest of others,
yet carrying expansive
vision, dream, ambition
for exchanging

light for gloom
love for loneliness
life for brokenness.
already she embodies hope.

for us all.

© Julia Penner-Zook, 2015
photo credit: morguefile


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