My Dog, My Mentor


Here’s a piece that is somewhat different from what I might typically write during the holiday and Christmas season. But having received the invitation to write a guest blog post from the generous Paul Handover, who hosts the site, Learning From Dogs, I was delighted!
Please visit his site at

Learning from Dogs

A guest post from Julia Penner-Zook.

Three days ago I was within just a few minutes of queuing this for a blog release when the internet went down. So now that things are back (to normal?) it gives me very great pleasure to publish this guest post.


My Dog, My Mentor.

We humans share the planet with an enormous variety of life forms. In fact, there are so many organisms in our world that scientists cannot agree even on an estimate of how many exist. Anywhere between two and 100 million, we are told. Those numbers are staggering, leaving me feeling small alongside all those with whom I share terrestrial space.

Today my thoughts come to rest on one specific type of world inhabitant––just one out of the multiple millions: the canine! The one who allegedly is man’s (and woman’s) best friend! I have had close contact with dogs…

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2 thoughts on “My Dog, My Mentor

  1. LOVE this post! You are so right! We can learn much about living from dogs! I never thought about these points before. How a dog is forgiving to you for leaving them and still greet you with the enthusiasm. I too get impatient with my sister’s dog as she sniffs out everything on walks. She is just trying to sense the world and live in the moment, but I tug impatiently on her leash and swear under my breath until she runs to catch up with me. We can take so many lessons from dogs! Thank you for making me think about this today! 🙂

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