Peace on Earth


To all of you in my beautiful WordPress world. Though I’m a relative newcomer to this space, I’ve met you – one of the many inspiring and genuine people in an array of artists, novelists, poets, wisdom-sharers. We have become fellow travelers and I am grateful. This is truly a slice of life which frequently offers a haven in a sometimes raucous, threatening, cold existence.

Days and weeks seem to pass quickly. Specific experiences and world events are forever etched in our collective memories; others are as unique and private as each individual with his/her silent hopes, anticipation, regrets and satisfaction. I could highlight what this year has meant for me, but that may be marginally important.

I would sooner ask: what has the year meant to you? To my neighbor? My friend? Or to those who are unlike me: disadvantaged, alone, hungry, marginalized, violently attacked,  unjustly accused, even detained and sentenced? What about those who, with any remaining loved ones, try to sleep surrounded by terror instead of peace?


I want to take a moment to hold space for those who find it difficult to imagine “peace on earth goodwill to all“.

This season, my resolve is certainly to celebrate well – but not without regard for our broader global family. Always loving, hoping, praying, cherishing light and hope, working toward a more welcoming and fair world.

And in that spirit, I wish every one of you and those you are close to a truly wonderful Holiday and Christmas season  –  in whatever fashion you choose to celebrate. You are valued!

– Julia

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6 thoughts on “Peace on Earth

  1. Partaking of your well wishing and lovingly accommodating spirit, Julia, may I too warmly reciprocate the same to you and your near-and-dears. As a fellow traveller, I too am one of the many enjoying the journey with you and hordes of likeminded others..,xxciao.

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