When Dreams Collide


This past night I had two distinct dreams, giving rise to the following two poems. Are they related, or did they randomly appear on the same nighttime screen? The reader decides!


She created art –
exquisite, tribute of sorts,
humble sacrament.

Aloof bystanders
refuse to inquire, rather
harbor suspicion.

What drew us into
the same world, exchanging tales
I cannot recall.

But some afternoons
hence, peril palpable when
steel weapon is drawn.

Wait! for what reason?
quickly a counter-question:
How do you know her?

Young lad is earnest,
intent on avenging an
undefined affront.

How do you know her?
What does it matter, and why
this unjust assault?

Her art unites us –
expressed as brilliant color,
phrase, word, vibrancy.

Cold barrel will not
extinguish flickering flame
warming weary soul.



His chest rose and fell
twisted face revealed pain too
harsh for one so young

his  body, ravaged,
held securely by the one
who first gave him life

in yonder corner
a wounded soul broods, mourns the
loss of precious life.

As breathing fails, the
two lift voices, filling space
with words foreign, strange,

calm simplicity
invoking presence, safety
in flight to new shores

all falls silent, still,
bowed in reverential awe
as life transitions.

The one observing
invisibly removed from
intimate farewell

now asks: is this all?
what unites us in the dark?
where does mercy live?

she creeps forward, in
the space vacated, save for
him. One touch unites.

© Julia Penner-Zook, 2016
Photo credit: Matthew Kane via unsplash.com


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