City Home, My Home


and initiatives
to further
creativity and culture
new opportunity, optimism
need in the
heart of the city

Bustling vibrancy
daytime ingenuity
progressive possibility
inviting stability
increased livability
for growing diversity
in close proximity
hands reaching toward
neighbors in the
heart of the city

Golden celestial hues give
way to gleaming globes that
illumine settling streets,
shadowy figures
strolling, hurrying
shuffling to
wide array of
for an evening in the
heart of the city

Smooth, satin sky with
occasional sparkling glimmer,
hushed air
transporting plaintive
call of trains
surrounding dinner guest
club patron
strolling resident
sharing hypnotic experience
in the heart of the city

Most nights serene,
others ranging from
sleepless to
sleep deprived,
pounding beat
and boisterous shout,
determined not
to doubt the
decision to live
in the heart of the city

Valiantly resisting sweeping
designation that
the heart of the city
represents a blight in the night
a scourge to the populous
a threat to security
best met with law and order
yet destined to obscurity
not worth further scrutiny
– the bane of the city

No! We live amongst,
joining dream
vision, challenge,
seeking to
share pain and
celebrate hope
ignite a flame
conquer hate
stand for love in
the heart of the city.

© Julia Penner-Zook, 2017
Photo credit: JMora24, Wikimedia Commons


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