Between The Cracks

One in a series of poems about life in, relegated to
or ending up between the cracks.


When door creaks on weary hinge
demeanor shifts
shoulders sag
eyes dull
heavy sigh whistles
through teeth now concealed
invisible weight
borne by one so young

When no one sees
tears escape
pent up no more
leak unbidden, moistening
sunkissed face
slight body quivers
‘neath burden
of precept and petition

When distant city
offers refuge, midst brash
light, melancholic night
guarded heart mourns
pummeled by
endless dichotomies
pointless polarities
prodded to wandering eternities

When indigo dispels final celestial amber
sole respite dwells in
recalled images of peaceful
love as is
hope just because
joy-drenched, inconsequential
minutia, moments

When showers fall
sent as refreshing to
parched corners of
ache within desert soul
color, aroma, melody awaken
bestowing unassuming tranquility upon
hearts of common intent
together in untiring embrace
between the cracks.

© Julia Penner-Zook, 2017
Photo Credit: Pixabay


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