storm season

Unseen –
part of an
invisible majority
on the sidewalk, in the
classroom, office, she
failed to make the cut
with the agile,
mobile, tactile,
clutching her true grit,
gift in hand

Overlooked –
name omitted
from recognition,
missed the checklist, though
not the blacklist,
cunning twist,
the gist of which
hurls her to
ponder strategic moves
aligned with

Recalibration –
her eyes focused
on another prize, resolute,
unflinching and undeterred
despite those in myriad
sectors who
criticize, demoralize,
fixate on driving
intentional demise
of what is constructive, compassionate,

Humanity –
oh how you have been
protections and provisions
exchanged for entitled,
bastardly greed,
loathsome spread of
cancerous disease
destroying bedrock of
foundational respect, threatening faintest

Deflection –
backhanded distraction,
headlining soundbite,
intentional coverup,
nefarious, mounting evidence of
malignancy, invading
private spaces, holy
places, denying graces
to those ravaged by systemic
corruption, bent on

Come –
luring call of
gentler tone
seductive summons,
domesticated structure
soothes with duplicitous
intent, masking its
menacing confinement,
detainment for the sake
of a cause
not her own

Wild spirit –
never content with
useful endeavors,
righteous encounters,
fine appearances,
toiling to line
coffers of enterprises
embracing euphemisms
purposed to lull
the unwary into
unwitting slumber

No –
she needs air,
wings to soar,
not clipped to
aid their tiny schemes,
not restrained by leash
to do their bidding,
never contained as machinery
of either war or peace,
for human soul alone begets

Oh my dear –
you travel treacherous path,
this isn’t wise – quite unstable.
this reeks of resistance,
uprising, protest.
what are you thinking?
……………sincere words, well meaning,
……………yet gravel inside moving joints
what if you’re caught in the turbulence,
volatility, in the eye of
brewing storm?

Silently –
light breaks over weathered face,
eyes the window to miles traveled,
losses incurred, drenched cargo,
battered vessel,
her resolve reinforced to
bear witness, keep vigil,
there is no storm to be feared, for
she, indeed, is now the

© Julia Penner-Zook, 2017
Photo Credit: © Stacey L. Rhoades. Used with permission.


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