A Spacious Place

What do you do when
designers of coverups and
corruption leave
you staggering
as if inebriated by
excuses, duplicities,
blatant hypocrisies,
denial of mounting evidence
pushed aside,
choked off,
drowning out
testimony that
is unwelcome to
oligarchs bent
on destroying all
that is sacred?

What is left
of the slow, bloody march
toward justice, freedom,
all humanity included in
rights of dignity and respect,
if monuments, symbols and
posturing salutes that breathe
oppression, threaten genocide
are defended,
even promoted as
worthy of reverence,
while brothers and sisters
are stripped of their
inalienable rights?

Where do you go when
violators of liberty
upend decorum, subvert
integrity, heap cataclysmic
conflagration upon
ravaged communities,
voiceless populations,
imprisoned masses, then
spew venom,
perpetrate violence,
divert funds
from those who are dying,
left gasping in
the grip of disease,
suffocating stranglehold, all
with impunity?

no effort seems
to stem
debilitating flood of
destruction and decay,
the deluge of reports on
never ending inquiries,
repugnant divergences,
when energy flags,
vision, grace, one’s very
lifeblood seeps
from weary soul,
…….deeper life calls from
…….the lonely places,
…….the wide open spaces,

where clouded spirit,
dulled heart, grievously
depleted body
where jaded dreams
and faded hopes
absorb the wind
of possibility,
where chest rises and falls
to inhale the expansivity
of light, the color
of inclusion, the fresh air of
abundance, rich integration,
connection with each other
as with nature, in
the DNA of the Divine.

© Julia Penner-Zook, 2017
Photo Credit: © Stacey L. Rhoades. Used with permission.


4 thoughts on “A Spacious Place

    1. When things feel out of control, without vision or debilitating, we must seek hope. It’s very difficult to do, but also one of the most necessary things! I so appreciate your presence in my writing community, Andrea.

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