Behind Each Face

Bücher, III
Photo Credit: Irmgard Scheigets, Acrylic, Bücher, III.


…an introduction to a book honoring the story behind each face...



This project was born out of years of stories told, lived, heard.

Stories heard
on planes
in classrooms
in church basements
one-on-one in quiet places
after public events
over coffee
in parks
on the phone.

experienced personally or
along with friends
people next to me
conference participants
–all of whom I love and respect deeply.

You my think you see someone here–
recognize her–
but you will not
except in how she–
her story–
will mirror your own
or that of someone
you love and care about.

So many women’s and girls’ stories
would never see the light of day
(apart from the narrowly confined
context in which they were shared)
were it not for someone–
anyone with an open soul
and an active pen–
to give them life.
Their lives
encourage others’ lives.

So I’m stepping up
taking the leap

…publish a compilation of flash fiction stories dedicated to girls and women, and to those who wish to see them overcome, flourish and thrive…

What you read on this site under Flash Fiction
gives you a preview
a smattering of both pre-edited and edited stories
which will appear in the book

Behind Each Face

For truly,
there are priceless
excruciating and
exhilarating stories
Behind Each Face.

And stay tuned.

In Between


On this day–the uncomfortable day between crucifixion and resurrection, darkness and light, horror and hope–we have the rare opportunity to allow the darkness to sink deeply into our souls. We tend to rush resurrection, searching for light, because we shudder to linger in crucifixion. It terrifies us, forces us to face our own tendency to betray, traumatize and sentence innocent people to hostile imprisonment and undeserved death.

Yes, we do that. It is done among us. Every day. Everywhere. 

Sit with the darkeness for a mere 7 minutes today. Do it for the least of these.

Easter’s Lavender

Sacred Trust


The more I write, the more I learn.
The more I learn, the more I change.
The more I change, the more I hear.
The more I hear, the more I write.

Let me break that down a bit:

I thought I had a clear idea of what this blog would be when I started it. I basically wanted a home for my writing. I wanted to share it with whoever was interested. And–hopefully–to receive feedback from a few readers. That was it!

I don’t know what I was thinking! This very new home already needs renovation, because its occupant is changing. And in that process, I’m changing. Radically!

When I began writing Short Stories, (which evolved into Flash Fiction), I knew they would be stories of women and girls–partially because I have been a girl, and because I am a woman; also because I’ve been entrusted with the stories of so many girls and women.

I also had a vague notion of what kinds of themes and emphases I wanted to include: my stories, others’ stories–carefully concealed to ensure confidentiality, and fictional stories. Some carefree. Some thoughtful. Some hard-hitting. A compelation of loud, quiet, funny, hopeful and sobering stories.

But what’s happened has been quite different.

Even since I’ve begun writing, I have heard additional stories, while discovering new stories in my life as well. These stories now drive my writing!

What I didn’t know was that every story I would write (even my own!), would teach me. By allowing each story to envelop me, the story begins to live. And because of this, I am beginning to view myself, girls and other women differently. I weep. I smile. I stand back in amazement, as if gazing at an intricate painting in an art gallery.

It’s astounding. It’s eye-opening. And it’s still in process.

Life Matters is being renovated into a place of Sacred Trust.

  • I share my stories
  • I honor stories of those who cannot tell theirs
  • I listen to new stories
  • All are handled with extreme care. All are valuable–important–sacred.

 – Julia