Workshop with Bobette Buster


I took the opportunity to attend a 2-hour writers’ workshop with the legendary Bobette Buster yesterday. Ms Buster, a masterful storyteller and workshop leader, artfully guided each of us in introducing ourselves, then, using what we had shared, demonstrated how the stories could be woven to create a remarkable tapestry.

Though it was impossible to capture all of what she shared, here is one (loosely paraphrased) statement:

If we want our children to be happy, the greatest gift we can give them is to tell stories of their parents and grandparents. Growing up with the stories of our elders creates wellbeing within our souls.




  • something performed during an intermission.
  • a piece of music played between other pieces or between the verses of a hymn.
  • a pause between the acts of a play.
  • an intervening period of time.

Musicians and literary artists understand the purpose, meaning and effect of an interlude.
Among other things, it serves the function of connection,
creating a break without signaling the end;
providing transition.

My writing, blog posting and WordPress connection is simply experiencing an interlude while I personally connect with extended and immediate family, and do some traveling.

I miss interacting with you, my WordPress community, immensely, but it’s a much needed break!

See you soon!