Writer’s Reflections, February 2, 2015


The Disclaimer

Many people make statements in a way that would indicate they are absolute truth for everyone, in every circumstance and for all time. Nothing could be more misleading.

Take for instance, “Keep fighting and never give up.” Some cheer; others cringe; yet others shake their perplexed heads.

Q: Is that statement good advice?

A: Sometimes yes; sometimes partially; sometimes downright deadly.

Here are a few examples. Is the above statement good advice when…

* someone is in a fight against injustice and pain?
* someone is enduring any kind of mistreatment?
* someone is confronted with a terminal illness?

You may have noticed that even these seemingly “black/white” situations require discernment–an understanding of nuances and exceptions.

Most statements we make, share on social media or throw our weight behind were never meant to be wisdom for and applicable to the masses. It’s only recently that we’re even able to “speak” to the masses.




Communication is at it’s finest when it’s one-on-one or in groups of people who know each other. (Does even that assertion need to be qualified?)

Let’s become very comfortable with the disclaimer. Let’s develop a mindset in which we approach inflexible statements with a healthy degree of skepticism. Knowing we may need to qualify a statement will already safe-guard us from saying or writing something that can be anything but uplifting, encouraging or life-giving to another person.

Here’s to The Disclaimer!


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